Friday, February 26, 2010

GREETINGS!!! it is Friday night and i have just come back from 0the mall, it was pretty alright. i had most of the afternoon off today so i took some time to take some photos of my loft and some of the city. its mainly just me on my way to work, but at a really slow pace because it was gorgeous out and i decided to take pictures.

There should have been a couple more pictures to like, signal out which building i work in and all that, maybe a quick picture of the inside of the first building and the mini mart i frequent, but i was running late to work and really needed to hurry. so that was it. the picture with all the arrows next to it is of the building i work in. actually, it is 2 buildings, the building you mostly see, and then one right to its left that looks the same. i work in the one on the left on the 4th floor. ok, well, it is still pretty early in the morning and so i am going to try to watch an episode of fringe, which is really good.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It is now time to tell the tale of my most recent travel. Keep in mind that while telling this I am desperately trying to stay awake until a normal time for sleep. It all began on the plane, well, it began a lot sooner, but basically what I have realized is that the times you expect to last the longest fly by real quick, and if that staggering amount of time is something you look forward to it can be heartbreaking. (im not heartbroken, so dont jump the gun). I guess the part was the hardest for me to believe was that i have actually gone through with it, that i am actually in my very own loft in Korea. Im shocked.
But the plane, i dont even care about the actual ride, it was as is to be expected from a 14 hour flight. But the Incheon airport however....what i expected was to wait a really long time, to lose my guitar, to have to track it down, that it would take a long time to get my luggage, etc. I walked into immagration, twenty minutes later walked down to the belt, within 5 minutes i was walking into customs. By far the greatest airport experience i have had lately. it was so great.
Ok, so someone sent a van for me and it turned out to be a lot longer drive then i had expected. But heres the korea, the GPS also has TV on it....I watched the olympic speed skating on a freaking GPS! not only that, outside Seoul there are more bridges than i have ever seen that close together. it was great. oh yea, and in Seoul, more apartments and churches then ive ever seen. from the highway there are crosses all over the place. it was great and strange.
Well, i got to work, they took me to my apartment, its great. it really is the nicest place ive ever lived in. at first it seemed a little small, but once i moved my bags from the middle of the floor it really opened up. oh yea, and i have a new couch..i think its leather? its not super comfy
but i dig it. Then i went to work, and it was a really long day. i almost wish i hadnt agreed to go in, but i want to get used to the time difference. So heres the rest of it, went out to lunch with some co-workers, great guys. We went to an authentic korean place, literally, the place was filled with koreans. scouts honor. and then i went to the bank to trade some cash for korean dollars. After work the head teacher, Phillip, showed me around the neighborhood. There is a KFC half a block away, i dont think i will go there soon though, i want to become korean, live their ways, bathe in their houses. Oh yea, and it was 70 degrees out today, which was real nice. loved every moment of it. i did a little bit of grocery shopping, but i was so concerned about spending money that i really bought the bare essentials, and now im so tired that im not even hungry. but i guess that life. i will put some pictures up later, but right now it really just seems like far too much work. I really do love it though. But if anyone wants they could pray for me that i make a good teacher and that i spend my money wisely and in a way that would glorify God. (im gonna be rich...sorta.) Oh, and if you could pray that i learn to read Hangul quick. that would be really helpful. kinda feel a little sick, plus my AC is cranked, so im going to go fix all of that. Thanks for everything!
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