Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The beginning

hello, i am in the process of finishing up my contract to go to Korea. i have a job at a private school called the Kids College. In the mornings i will be teaching kindergarten kids english, in the afternoon i will be teaching elementary kids english. at night, i dont know, ill start a k-pop band, with me +1 dude i meet. thats all it takes. i have already taken the time to scour the internet till i found its homepage. i couldnt read it, ironically the English Imersion Schools website in Korean.

I will be leaving the US at the end of February. i will soon begin the visa process once i get my background check back, get it apostilled, and then send it to korea. Way easier than Justin, who became an illegal over night, for a long time. i have tons of stuff to do to prepare, though i have already been replaced at work.
Crash course in Korea:
Pictures of Korea

That is all for now. i wont do much before i leave on this thing.
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