Friday, April 23, 2010

It's really late, but about a half an hour ago I was working on Hangul (the written language) and it just clicked all of a sudden. so I guess what I'm saying is that I can now read Hangul.

Monday, April 19, 2010

8 weeks in

Today marks my 8th week gone from the ol' U.S. of A. I've been riding bikes a lot at the gym, its making me tired, but I've also been sleeping very well. In fact I haven't had a bad nights sleep since I arrived. My kids are getting sick, I don't know what because everyone else got sick weeks ago. This Friday we have a picnic, so I am sure I will get a lot of great pictures. My kids new favorite activity is making videos on my computer. They only get to during music class, and only if they are good.
Today I decided to try out a hot dog place that is really close to my apartment. I like it, but lets be perfectly clear, they are not hot dogs. They are huge spicy sausages shoved into a tiny bun. Also, there is ketchup, a leaf of lettuce, and something that looks like mustard and tastes like horseradish. But again, I did enjoy it. Also I had a grape slushy. Slushies are good, you should know that, you live in America. I wish I had more to say, but right now it seems like things are becoming more day to day, and the whole excitement of living in Korea is becoming less of a novelty for me. but I still love it. I am thinking about buying a second mattress pad, I mean, I still remember how much the first one improved my life, so I've been thinking that a second one would also be great.
Oh yea, I just found out today that some volcano exploded. Its about time, I mean, these dang earthquakes are shaking up the earths stuff and so I kept saying to myself "Any day now" and why? Because I watched a special on Volcanoes on the Discovery channel.

Friday, April 9, 2010

i feel exhausted. i joined a gym last night and i've been using the bikes and treadmills. today i biked 40km, and i got off and it felt like i was walking in peanut butter. good golly. so then i cooled it down with a brisk 1km walk. A lot of the workout machines have TV's on them, so while doing all that i watched some Community, a little bit of the Batman Begins movie, and then topped it off with a 'lil House. Overall a good night, but now im sweating real bad. so im going to jump in the shower. Just as an update though, there was some alarm, not sure how much because my grasp on korean is terrible, regaurding a South Korean defense boat that exploded a week or two ago. Initially they were saying that it could be the North and so i was told about the safe zone, which isnt terribly far away. I haven't heard anything about it since last friday though, so i think we might be in the clear. It may be too soon to thank anyone, but i think Obama may have had his hand in this.
I have finished the book i started reading upon arrival, it is called You Shall Know Our Velocity. It's really good, i recommend it, it was written by david eggers, so if there are any fans of words out there then this might be a collection of words that your mind finds appealing.
Yesterday i got some street food, thats what i like to call it because its not a sit down place its a tent that you buy food from. So anyways, i bought this street food, Street Chicken, to be exact, and it must have been the spiciest chicken i've ever eaten, and the funny thing is they put this honey mustard on it, which is delicious, but i dont see how anyone could sell something that spicy on the street. I loved it, and i will probably be getting more soon. That is all internet.
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