Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello Interneters!
This week has gone by really quickly. Nothing too exciting really happened until Thursday. Let me set up it all up for you. So I get to school, and it seems like just a regular day, the kids all run to me when they see me and they I count down from 5 to have them take there seats, but then theres some other kid in my room. I ring the button (we have a summons button for our assistant teachers) and I say "who is this kid, is he in another class" and that is when I am informed that I have a new student named Patrick, and that that is that kid. So then I spent the whole day trying to get him to talk to me, but he wont even smile. UNLESS I HAND OUT JELLY BEANS. I handed a lot of jelly beans out on Thursday. OK, so then comes Friday. Friday was field trip day, and I didn't know where we were going, all I was told was "a museum" so we get loaded in the buses and start heading out. 40 minutes is a long time for kids to sit in a bus. a real long time. We get to the museum and we get all the kids inside and start looking at stuff, and then after what seemed like 20 minutes, we go to a playground and then board the buses and leave. So quick. I have uploaded some pictures from the field trip, I took about 90, but I am not putting them all up on here.
Jake and Juliet
Leo, I think he saying something along the lines of "Hello Mr. Steinsland" The reason I think that is because he says that ALL the time.
Patrick (the new kid), Judy, and Jake
This is when we learned karate, but before I taught them the high kick.
Patrick and Judy, Judy looks pretty crazy here
Juliet and Jake
Judy and Leo in front of the fake castle.
Racheal. It's not very often she does something cute, but I think this was one of those times.
Leo and Racheal
Richard (he will be a fine Korean Elvis someday) and Meriel
Jimmy and Katie. Every girl loves Jimmy, he's a regular kindergarten Zach Morris
My class, in front of the fake castle. (there is a floating head in the background)
Me and my class. and Ms. Joel is in the picture too. (She is my Assistant Teacher, but she does a lot of work. especially when the kids cry.)
Pots. they are playing with pots. Except Judy, I have no idea what she is doing, probably touching a plaque?
Leo got bored with this real quick. I think he is the oldest kid in my class, but he gets real emotional real quick. (one time he cried because he answered 3 questions in a row and I said "good job, but now we need to let someone else answer ok?" and he cried because he still wanted to answer the questions)
Patrick and Katie. There were some oddly shaped blocks that you can build some building with, Im not too sure on the specifics because I cannot read nor understand Hangul.
Tall guy is Phil, he taught my kids last year. I am conditioning them to think he is terrible, but we are pretty good friends, I just want my kids to stop running out of the room when he walks by. So they must hate him.
This is a hut, I have no idea if it is supposed to be a Korean hut or not, quite frankly I'm still not sure if this was a museum of Korean history, Asian history, or just mishmashed cultures. It pretty much looked like a Native American hut though.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today I got my Alien Residence Card, which means I am officially an ex-patriot. Also, as of today I have a bank account in Korea with a balance of $0.00, next wednesday I get paid, but till then all my money is cash. Also, my Korean age is 26. So as of nearly one month ago, I am 26 years old. It feels great. It's a bit strange to be 6 months younger then my brother now, but I will get over it. I think Korea might be the place dude's come to stop aging. Once they get here it seems like they are stuck in their twenties, like a sort of ending-adolescence Neverland. Just a thought I had today. My room is in disrepair, so I'm going to bust a move and clean up later. It does feel nice to have my own place, but I wish my neighbors were a little quieter, but it hasn't stopped me from sleeping at all, so I shouldn't complain.
Weird story. So this morning my alarm goes off, but I was still tired, so I just hit snooze, no big deal because I wake up real early anyway. Well, after about two minutes I hear this weird tone, in my loft, and then some guy talking in Korean. I was pretty worried so I put on my glasses and looked over the railing and no one inside, and i checked the intercom and no one was outside (I would have seen them from the camera). So I shake it off and go back to bed. Three minutes later my alarm goes off so I snooze again and then the tone comes back, followed by the Korean. At this point I'm fully awake and confused so I turn my alarm off and go downstairs. The tone went off again about 10 minutes later but no voice. I have yet to find out what was happening, but apparently it went into everyone's apartment. (there are speakers on the walls)
ok, tootles internet.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I have begun my decent into the cold electric hands of technology to breathe life into a week dead blog! This film is tentatively entitled "Korea Video Blog: Uno"
OOH I'm soo cute. Believe me, when I watched the part about the pineapple soda I was nearly swooned myself. Ok, now I gotta bust a move because its almost 1am and I really do want to wake up by 8 (probably wont happen)
Tootles internet, tootles

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is my kindergarten class, there are 9 of them.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hello friends and wanderers,
today was pretty great. i realized that it was wednesday, which was something to realize because it doesn't seem like it should be. The week has really flown by. this will be short, but tonight after work we went to this restaurant in the building next to our apartment building, we being me and some guys from work, and we ate dinner. it was really great. it was some sort of soup that is really hot, and then you dip thin pieces of meat in it to cook it. phonetically spelled, it is called Shabu Shabu, (or shaboo shaboo). It was really great. really. oh, and then me and this guy Phil from work went to see Alice in Wonderland. we have a movie theater a block away from our apartment and so we left 2 minutes before the movie started and we made it in time. (i should add that here you buy movie tickets and they come with a seating assignment) we made it because we already had tickets, not because we were able to get there buy tickets, and then get to our theater. I liked it.
Tootles internet, tootles

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Everybodies workin for the weekend- loveryboy
SOOOOO, i spent my saturday cleaning some more. around the middle of the week i started noticing these long black hairs everywhere, and when the Ring girl never came (i dont have a VCR) i figured the last person to live in my apartment was some girl who was balding. So after the internet guy came and hooked up my internet (i was leeching from someone else before) i washed some clothes so i could start washing the floors. the whole washing thing took a lot longer then i expected, so i took a dinner break. I went out to this barbecue place, the grill is in the middle of the table, and got some Dak Galbi. that will show you what Dak Galbi is, but i got mine with rice instead of noodle. (when you are finished eating all the meat and veggies you dump the rice into the pan and stir it in the left over sauce) it was really good. then i started walking around the marketplace, which is huge. there is a lot of really crazy stuff depending on which part of the market you go to. and i managed to take 2 pictures, the second one is a little blurry, but my focus was to see as much with my eyes, later i will go with my good camera for pictures, but today i brought my small one so i wouldnt be very obtrusive. (it seems like most koreans just use their cell phones as cameras).

Yesterday we had our teachers dinner in Seoul. It was pretty great, but i was surprised to find out that we had it at a restaurant that sort of looked like an american country club type place, it was called Seven Springs. i got a crock-pot filled with clams, oysters, shrimp, and fish. oh man, on the top there was a really huge shrimp, and what took me off guard was that the shrimp still had its head and legs, so i was actually pretty nervous to touch it because i have been watching a lot of zombie movies lately.
yep, i think thats all for now.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pay Advance

Good news! I have received a pay advance. why is that good news? my atm card didnt work anywhere. in celebration i went grocery shopping, i go grocery shopping a lot. The difference is last time i shopped like a college student and this time i shopped like someone who has money. I bought some soda, i bought tons of veggies, tofu, some spicy tofu broth that will make a reallydelicious tofu/shrimp/crab ramen one night. oh, and i bought tea, which i am looking forward to because it is called Pumpkin and Yam. Odd combination, yet i cant help but think it will be totally awesome. if you ever have a chance, please pick up a bag of honey sesame chips. went back to the ramen house tonight with some guys from work. oh yea, and today was my first day of classes, the kids are really dang adorable. There was one class with the elementary kids that i didnt know what to do. fortunatly i had some coaching during a break and the second half was a lot better. my feet hurt a little right now though because i am not used to wearing dress shoes, and i think that they are slanted. anyway, today was a good first day and i will now show you what one girl in my class looks like.

yep, who knew that Boo was korean? ok, well. i am going to go, not for any particular reason, i just dont think i have anything left to say right now, but i hope you all are doing swell.
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