Thursday, May 27, 2010

the bad part about not drinking soda is that when i go to the movies and drink some, i cant fall asleep. thats whats happening right now. i recorded a cd because ive been playing guitar a lot.
some people say its ok. george lopez gave it 2 hispanic mayonnaised corns way up. im noticing a serious lack of bugs in this country. its slightly unsettling, i keep thinking that they are waiting till im off guard, and then they will crawl in my mouth while i sleep. bugs are jerks.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

hello, i realize it has been awhile since ive written anything here, but i assure you that i have not died. i have just been to busy for the internet. heres the past 2-3 weeks. i started making dinner with these thin pork things, which took a couple of days to get used to. but i am learning to make more than 8 things, which will help me save money. also, i have a 2 lb block of cheese. i am making grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas. it is glorious. also, my friend dave came, bringing no american gifts, and we made a bunch of videos to send to people. that was a fun evening. oh yea, and there has been like, 5 holidays. Childrens day, Parents Day, Teachers Day, Norwegian Independence day, and Buddhas Birthday. so lots of present. (not for NID) I have been going to a bunch of places inside Seoul lately. for 2 weeks i was there pretty much everyday. The other night i went to see the Doosan Bears, they are a baseball team. that was a really fun night. I was cheering and stuff along with the rest of the koreans. it was really fun, but it seemed like cheering and dancing was way more important than the game. they took tons of breaks to take pictures and to have the cheerleaders dance and then they kept shooting silver streamers into the air. oh yea, and the food and drinks are cheap. i got a BK meal for like 5 bucks at a ballpark. and then i felt sick. On another note, i have been teaching my kids songs from the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack. thats turning out ok, music classes are some times rough because after 3 times of singing a song they are done. so i have to keep things changing. and now i will put some pictures up.

I mentioned this dude to dave, i said "Dave. Look at this dude. He is frolicking"
Korean Pantera cover band
dragon. i call him Mooshou
this is dave giving money to a band playing some spanish song, i cant remember what it was.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Went to a new grocery store today, not new, but different then the other one. I like it a lot. Its about 15 minutes farther, but its a little cheaper and i like it better. so that was good. then i saw Iron Man 2. it was real good. oh, and i talked to a whole a heap of people today. that was also good. well, i am going now, this was short, later i will expand on it.
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