Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have just about finished all the paperwork necisary to leave. I just have to send in my visa paperwork. I already have a visa number, which i guess means that i just send in my number, passport, and fee and they put the visa in my passport. EASY AS 3.141 I am currently in St Louis. Im kind of just hanging out working on some music stuff and reading. Other than all of that there really is not much to update on, except that i received my e-ticket to korea. Im pretty excited about that because it means i dont have to pay for it. I have been reading a little bit, but not much, about life in korea. I should probably be doing a little more learning about stuff, but i dont know, i guess its more or less like cold water at this point. Oh yea, my sleep schedule has really sucked, but its not unexpected. i am currently looking at Mrs. Obama.
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