Friday, June 18, 2010

WELL, its been a long busy while.
Lets start with today. My kids were really loud today, it wasn't so bad because they were cute as heck, but why do they all have to be so loud at the same time. I could handle one at a time, but not more than that. Ok, so work was good though. When I got home I decided to make some macaroni and cheese. That may seem simple but I don't have any mac and cheese packages. So i i could a little bit of water, mixed in a dash of mustard and salt, more than a dash of pepper, and lots and lots of shredded cheese. Colby Jack and Chedder. It was great. Now I am watching No Reservation about Korea. I don't know exactly why, but it feels surprisingly good to see a white guy taking in Korea and trying to be professional. His first impression was the exact same as mine. I have had a lot of crappy flights this year, but the Korean Air 14 hour flight seemed the most draining, and then right away, it was just a blast of neon. I was just thinking about that as I watched it. I am in tonight, I have a headache, KIDS.

Last night was really incredible though. I went out with a bunch of people from work to a bar to watch the Argentina vs. Korea game. It was a lot of fun, even though Korea got their butts kicked. Also, I seem to have developed a new nickname: Princess. Hopefully, everyone was too drunk to remember, I however, was wide awake and clear, which makes the dread all the more real. We have been watching tons of soccer this week. The World Cup....its more TV than I have watched in a long while. Oh yea, and Im buying an Xbox real soon.

Well, I thought I had a lot to say, but it seems to me that whenever I try to sit down and summarize what has been going on my mind just blanks out. I've been reading this book, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle right now, and I'm really enjoying it. The ebook reader is saving my life. I haven't read a ton so far, but I was trying to travel throughout Seoul and now I have made it to most of the places I wanted, so now that I've got some downtime I have started reading more. alright, I am out of things to say for right now. Sorry, but this week we have a field trip, so I will be posting pictures of that probably on Friday at some point.


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