Monday, August 2, 2010

Today was the first day back to school after summer vacation. I wish I could have traveled during summer vacation, but I was sick. For the first 4 days of vacation I didn't leave the apartment because my head hurt too bad to see all the bright lights and be around all the people. I did get to the zoo though. The Seoul zoo is really great. It's clean, which was a huge surprise, and the animals all look really happy in their habitats. I saw some really small baby monkeys, and they started fighting while I was there. I also may have gotten too close to this tortoise, I crept up to it to take a picture and this bird started shrieking. Later that day I even went bowling, still not very good. I did however do way better than last time, my previous score (2 years ago) was 36, this time I got 91. I was pretty proud, and Koreans aren't that good so it made me look even better. There was 20 lanes, and on each lane there was 1 good person and everyone else was real terrible.

I was kind of glad to get back to work this week, I mean, a lot of my kids are on vacation for August, so it sort of makes it an easy time. Everything is going real smooth right now, I still really like it here. I finished a pretty long book recently (630 pages) and that felt pretty good. Oh yea, I saw Inception, really liked it. I thought it was smart, but right at the end when you realize the movie was over there was a wave of grunts that went throughout the audience. My friend and I laughed about that because it seems like Koreans can convey any emotion within a grunt.

Ok, I'm done for now, bye!


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